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Build and Protect Your Legacy

Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate and Small Business Law for Central Arkansas

Protect What You Own
Avoid Probate
Provide For Your Family

Are you like
60% of Americans?

Experience has taught you to make sure you have the right insurance and you protect you and your family with yearly checkups.

Yet when it comes to protecting the legacy you've built with a will, trust, or protection for your business, it can feel overwhelming to even think about what would happen to what you've built after you're gone. You question...


  • I'm not retiring yet so why do I need an estate plan?

  • Can't I just tell my family what I want or write my wishes on a piece of paper?

  • I have a farm or small business, surely that will be taken over by someone I trust.

  • When I do have legal questions, who can I trust to answer those questions who will care about my family and my legacy as much as I do?


We understand how hard it is to think about estate planning and what will happen after you're gone. For over 13 years, I've sat across the table working with farmers, small business owners, and families just like yours to create legal documents they need, so they have peace of mind knowing their legacy is protected.

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Your Family is Important. Protect Them.

Providing the legal services you need to protect your business, estate, and wealth transfer in Central Arkansas, so you can have peace of mind that your family is cared for decades to come.

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Contract Review
Insurance Agent

Have peace of mind your legacy is protected and your family can focus on celebrating you, without worrying what will happen next.

Create financial freedom and autonomy for an elder person by establishing long-term care options and financial planning so they have options without the burden on the family.

Keep your small business protected with the contracts and legal support you need so you can keep your business a part of a thriving community.

When it's unavoidable, navigate the legal process of dispersing the estate and assets after the death of a loved one with representation that cares about you throughout the process.

Estate Planning

Elder Law

Small Business


Business and Estate Planning
As Easy As Coffee with A Friend


We will meet to understand your needs and explain the protections you need to protect your legacy. 


You'll receive all the paperwork you need with a clear plan for your family to follow, eliminating worry and stress.


You'll have peace of mind knowing everything you've worked for and built is passed onto your family with ease.

Count on Heirloom Legal For Your Important Legal Transactions


Heirloom Legal is a small-town law firm offering various legal services in Atkins, AR, and the surrounding areas. Our firm handles estate planning, business law (planning and consulting), elder law, real estate law, and probate. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate legal aid regardless of your situation. With over 12 years of experience and ten years servicing the local community, we are confident that we can help you easily navigate your legal goals together. Give our team a call today at 501-819-2553 to discuss your legal proceedings.

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