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Elder Law Attorney in Atkins, AR

At Heirloom Legal, our Elder law services in Atkins, AR, address crucial concerns such as healthcare, estate planning, retirement, and other significant issues that affect the elderly population. The primary objective of our elder law attorney is to ensure that older adults enjoy a high quality of life without worrying about retirement, wealth distribution, or unforeseen illnesses. We also work with loved ones regarding elderly abuse, guardianship or conservatorships for elderly loved ones that may need help managing day-to-day finances and activities or getting out of a sensitive situation. If you're looking for a compassionate and dedicated elder law attorney,

call Heirloom Legal at 501-819-2553 today.

Our Elder Law Services Include

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Long-Term Care Planning

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Estate Planning

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Special Needs Planning

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Veteran's Benefits & Estate Planning

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Probate & Estate Administration

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Social Security Assistance

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Healthcare Directives

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Elder Abuse Recognition, Reporting & Prevention

Understanding Your Atkins, AR, Medicated Benefits & Rights

Medicaid is vital in financing long-term care, as it covers expenses associated with nursing home care, in-home care, and assisted living facility costs. Several factors determine an individual's eligibility for Medicaid coverage. In Arkansas, over three million residents rely on Medicaid, and over half are over 65 years old. At Heirloom Legal, we can assist you in navigating the application process and help you explore your options to ensure you get the best solutions possible for your long-term care. Understand your Medicaid benefits with Leah Jacobs today. Call 501-819-2553 now.

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Review From Our Clients

"Extremely Knowledgeable"

"Leah is extremely knowledgeable and I highly recommend! She is timely and always ready to tackle a new a challenge."

-Trevor M

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